Roger Haward’s


This 16mm scale German Graf Schwerin-Lowitz locomotive was built by Roger Hayward. The prototype was built by Arn-Jung of Germany In 1908. and came to the Brecon Mountain Railway from the now closed Mecklenberg - Pommersche Schmalspurbahn. The loco is an 0-6-2 Well Tank and weighs 14 tons.

It was purchased from the East German State Railways (Deutsche Reichbahn) in 1973 in a very poor state. The loco was given an extensive rebuild and since entering servIce in 1981 it has given very good service and has completed more than 150,000 miles for the B.M.R.

The builder was able to take numerous photos and measurements of the loco while in the workshops. The model is built to a scale of 16mm to the foot, and was completely scratch built. The boiler is gas fired with a single flue type burner.

All fittings, pipework and so on were recreated as near as practically possible for a working model requiring maintenance.