Les Nelson’s


This engine and pump were built in 2012 by Les Nelson to represent the type of setup used to provide water for small villages in the 1920s.

The engine is the Wyvern design by Edgar T Westbury and is a 40cc horizontal, open crank stationary engine, of the type popular from the 1880s onwards as a replacement for steam engines. It was published in the 1950s.

The pump is to 1:4 scale modelled on a preserved pump which served Over Norton, a small village in the Cotswolds, from 1920 until 1941 when a service pipe was broken during US military manoeuvres. That led to connection to ‘town’ water.  It is an early example of ‘unitary’ construction, the crankshaft can be mounted either way round, as can the outlet, to suit the installation.

These pumps and their engine men did good service for many years until the main supply system reached the villages. They were an alternative to the ‘windmill’ type of pump, common until recent times for farms to tap an un derground supply.

This interesting model was shown at Harrogate in 2013.