CHRONOS has introduced new airbrushing equipment for model engineers. Airbrush Pro BD-130 Series professional airbrushes offer a variety of styles. Each offers precision performance for a soft spray pattern and tight line detail. It features correctly proportioned body providing comfort and good balance for the most exacting applications. This model can achieve spray patterns from fine detail to broader coverage using light and medium fluids. A 7cc permanently mounted colour cup lets the user get close to the work, and allows easy cleaning and colour changing. It features gravity feed and advanced double action trigger to activate and control the air and paint mixture. Gravity feed generally means that less air pressure is needed than with suction type. Fine detail is best suited for this type of airbrush.
It will work to fine lines of less than 1mm with outstanding results, it is claimed. All types of modelling paints can be used, but always remember to clean well after use with the appropriate paint thinners. The trigger and air valve have been designed to allow for a smoother stroke as well as ease of assembly and durability. Body length is 150mm, the nozzle dia is 0.3mm, working pressure is 15-50 psi, metal cup 7cc, air input thread is 1/8 bsp.


The AS 186 airbrush compressor provides a 3-litre tank of compressed air on tap and a powerful piston motor to keep up with heavy demands. Low noise level of approx 50db with the added feature of zero pulsation.

Comes with air pressure gauge, air filter, and pressure is adjustable. Airbrush and air hose are purchased separately.

Airbrushing spray booth


1. Novel construction, attractive in design.
2. It will fold and deploy conveniently and is quick to use. It is also easy to use.
3. It can be used for one machine or two machines can be combined, to make a larger booth, without the need for tools.