The London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in 2015 was busy as usual. Plenty going on and as good a collection of trade stands as you will see anywhere to keep visitors stocked up with tooling and materials in the months’ ahead.

There were plenty of highlights and plenty to interest model engineers’ and modellers’ varied interests. The Society of Model and Experimental Engineers put on an excellent display of its wide-ranging activities. It is also good to see more and more models from its wonderful collection now being tidied up and displayed for all to see. The SMEE has a super collection of historic models which its members can study at the Marshall House headquarters. The first item in our brief report is one of the collection, a Bishopp (Dakeyne) Engine made by Robert Dunn in around 2003. At some stage he lost contact with the engine but noticed it on the SMEE stand at the 2014 Midlands Exhibition labelled “maker and history unknown.” Robert asked the SMEE to keep it in their collection. The original engine was installed in The Times printing works in 1849 to a design by Bishopp, developed from the original patented design of the Dakeyne Bros of 1830.

The SMEE also showed the latest version of its EDM machine, a smaller and simpler version of its original World’s Simplest EDM machine.

Another highlight for many was the display by the Cambridge Museum of Technology of Don Unwin’s 1:10 scale model of the Hathorn Davey tandem compound non-rotating sewage pumping engine, a replica of the South Engine  at Cheddar’s Lane Old Pumping Station. A great model of our time by one of the greats.

Plenty of models to see, plenty of trade stands to patronize and some really decent food. No wonder the London event is so popular.

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