Snowy weather may have crippled Heathrow Airport but plenty braved the elements to get to the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, including your editor. And it was well worth the effort.

It is always difficult to make a selection of models for a report like this, but here is a selection of new, or progressing, models that struck a chord. Thinking about progress, a year ago Alan Anstiss showed the frames for his massive Big Boy loco in 7.25” gauge. This time progress most obvious in the form of the wheels which weigh about 5lb each and take 9 hours each to turn. Sadly it might not be back next year, it is just too heavy. Alan is using his own patterns.

There were plenty of fine models this year. The New York Fire Department fire engine being built by Rusty Titford, for example, is a gem. Also under construction is a Green Arrow by Mike Freeman. Alan displayed the smokebox, accurate to a fault and wonderfully finished. A fellow club member says that the rest of this loco is to the same standard. Can’t wait to see that.

Malden and District Society showed a number of steam engines, all different from the norm and interesting subjects. Among the fine locos shown on the Beech Hurst stand was a nice example of the LDCR Europa, and Martin Humphrey displayed a very nice GW mogul in 3.5” gauge.

HIghly unusual and rare was a flash steam model aero engine from 1911 which had been donated to the SMEE by the late Mike Beech of full-size vintage aircraft fame. The Scarborough fishing reel was another unusual subject.

Finally it was  interesting to see a chassis for a new loco, Harlech, in 3.25” gauge to be described shortly for beginners in Engineering in Miniature.

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