Jack Wingate’s


The hydraulic systems devised by Armstrong were a milestone in engineering. Jack Wingate’s model is of a later pumping engine of the type famously used to raise Tower Bridge to allow ships to pass down the Thames.

Built by the famous Vickers Armstrong Ltd in their Elswick works, Newcastle upon Tyne. It was designed to top up the accumulators in tower bridge. It was a 150 HP horizontal cross compound hydraulic pumping engine. Power came from one 18" high pressure and one 30" low pressure by 27" stroke cylinder.
The engine drove two pumps by piston tail rods, 750 pounds per square inch of pressure was developed which pumped up hydraulic accumulators. The accumulators stored hydraulic pressure which was released to up to eight hydraulic engines when the two 1000 ton road bascule sections were required to be raised.

The engine was made redundant in the 1970s and moved to the Forncett Steam Museum near to Forncett St Mary, Norfolk.