125 years ago - March 1893



The Aspinall Class 3 4-4-0 express locomotive for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway was a forerunner of the better known Atlantic of 1899 with which it shared an inside cylinder arrangement, and more. The 4-4-0 is, perhaps, the more attractive loco with its round top boiler (later fitted with Belpaire). It is certainly a candidate for model engineers looking to build something interesting and different - probably unique.

Some 40 class 3s were built and 34 passed on to the LMS at the grouping of 1923. The last one was scrapped in1930, none survived into preservation.

Driving wheels were 7’3” dia and cylinders were 18” x 26”. Joy valve gear was employed.

The engraving and drawing appeared in The Engineer in April 1893, and are reproduced courtesy of Grace’s Guide. Click on drawings to download.


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