Robert Barrett’s


Robert Barrett’s 1:3 scale Austin Seven engine of 1933 vintage was displayed in part-built form at the 2013 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition. The model of the iconic engine is built without castings, major components are machined from solid. It is fitted with wet iron liners and all waterways are functional as in the original.

Stroke is 25.3mm, bore 18mm. Capacity 25.7cc.

The materials used are:

Head - aluminium alloy 5083

Block - aluminium alloy 2014 t6

Liners - cast iron 250

Manifold: mild steel

valves - stainless steel 303

Tappets - silver steel

Tappet guides - bronze PB1

Valve chest cover - brass

water manifolds - aluminium alloy 6082

Studs - stainless steel

Head gasket 0.005” copper shim

Valve springs, clips, spark plugs and some fixings were bought in.