This model of a British Railways Class 14 locomotive was shown by E Grinham at the National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition, when held at Harrogate. Loco D9523 was a BR Class 6/1, later Class 14 diesel hydraulic locomotive. It was introduced in 1964 and 56 were built, powered by a  Paxman 6YJX  6cyl Ventura producing 650hp at 1500rpm. Maximum Tractive Effort was 30910lb. Total engine weight was 50 tons and it had 4ft dia. driving wheels. Length over buffers was 34ft 7in.

They were designed to replace the GW pannier tanks for short work, shunting, banking duties and station pilot work with an axle load which would allow them to pass over all regular lines on the Western Region system.They were known as 'Teddy Bears' by enthusiasts, following a comment by Swindon Works' erecting shop foreman George Cole who quipped "We've built The Great Bear, now we're going to build a 'Teddy Bear'!".

Initial allocations were largely in the South Wales coalfields with the majority of the class based at Ebbw Junction, Bath Road, Worcester and Landore. In 1965, four locomotives, D9521 - 4, were re-allocated to Old Oak Common for trials in the London area before moving on to Reading.

As the Beeching Axe took effect, a number were mothballed and the rest were transferred to the North East Region. By 1968 all Class 14s were withdrawn from service. Fortunately, there were other railway systems not owned by BR, notably the National Coal Board and the British Steel Corporation, which readily took them on as a virtually brand new fleet of motive power ideal for their systems.

The subject of the model, engine D9523, went to BSC Corby and Glendon and is now preserved at the Wensleydale Railway.



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