Howard Brazier


Howard Brazier showed this BR Class 2 2-6-0 locomotive in 5” gauge at the 2017 Midlands Exhibition. The design was derived from the Ivatt designed LMS Class 2MT 2-6-0, with a reduced cab to enable it to fit into a universal loading gauge, and other standard fittings, most notably a taller chimney. There was no Ivatt dome or side plates connecting the two sections of the engine.

Like its predecessor the BR design had a tender cab to enhance crew protection and visibility when running tender-first. They were all attached to a BR3 type tender.

These locomotives are often known by the nickname ‘Mickey Mouse’. It was the smallest of the 12 standard classes of British Railways. Driving wheels were 5’ dia and the leading wheels 3’. Cylinders were 16.5” x 24” stroke.

The entire fleet of 65 engines were built at Darlington. Four have survived into preservation.

The Class 2 has been modelled in many gauges. incuding a 5” gauge design by the late Don Young.