Recently on MEWS we featured the build of Alberto Celot of his 5” gauge model of the famous Big Boy locomotive, the giant 4-8-8-4 articulated design for the Union Pacific.  Big Boys had to pull long trains at a sustained speed of 60mph (100kph) once past mountain grades. In fact, it could travel at 80mph (130 kph). Train load was 3200 tons.

Wheelbase was 72’ 5.5” and the locomotive was 85’ 3.4” long - the longest steam loco ever built. Overall length was 132’ 9.25” and the combined loco and tender weighed 1,250,000lb.

Twenty five Big Boys were built and eight survive.

This fine model in Gauge 1 was shown at the Bristol Exhibition in 2013 by Barney Evans. A large model even in a small scale.


Barney Evans’