Older model engineers in the UK will well remember the Bonds O’Euston Road shop. Quite probably they bought their first set of castings there. After the shop moved out of London the shape of its business changed, although it maintained a supply of model engineering items.

Now it is closing down and SMEE member Alan Kiff has bought up the stock of model engineering items, including small bevel gears, worms and worm wheels, spiral gears, roller chain and sprocket. Also a range of materials and tooling including steel, sliver steel, brass and copper, plus thread cut BA nuts and bolts. There are also some sizes of BA spanners, drills, tool bits, reamers, end mills, BA taps and dies, copper and brass shim.

Contact Alan at: mes@arkspecialist.co.uk even if, like a friend, you want something as obscure as 3/32in Whitworth bolts as well as usual items.