Hefin Jones



Well into the second millennium, a Young’s brewer’s dray hauled by shire horses could be seen in the streets of west and south-west London. Sadly Young’s no longer has a brewery tho, strangely, its ale is still available in the editor’s local. Young’s brewery was founded in 1831 when it took over the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth and remained there until the brewery closed in 2006, to concentrate on its pub business. it was continuously associated with the Young family throughout. The Ram Brewery existed from as at least early as 1550 in the then Surrey village of Wandsworth.

The brewery supplied Young's public houses in London and the area to the south-west, which still number more than 200. It also sold to many pubs and supermarkets. Beer was also exported to many European countries, Canada, the United States and Japan. The company produced three regular and a series of seasonal and occasional cask ales, keg lagers, and several filtered and pasteurised bottled beers. Young's also contract-brewed several beers for InBev, such as Courage Best and Mackeson Stout.

Hefin Jones of the Guild of Model Wheelwrights made this evocative model and displayed it at the 2017 Midlands Exhibtion.