Brighton Modelworld always manages to produce something different. Last year it was a large boisterous robot charging around the arena. In 2011 it was some other large items. Surely one of the largest things ever seen at a model show, was Pullman Car no 88, parked outside the Brighton Arena for a couple of days before going off for a full restoration job. We believe that there are five more waiting for the same treatment. Visitors were welcomed on entry by Green Goddess the superb locomotive brought over from the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, again large in 15in. gauge. Another major attraction in the main arena were two of the largest model cranes ever seen in the UK, brought over from Germany where we understand even larger can be found. A model of the largest floating crane was another impressive model, while the pool also saw the Titanic being gently manoeuvred around by a tug, carefully avoiding a polystyrene iceberg.

Not everything was big. The SMEE had a delightful Gauge 1 display, reflecting growing interest by its members in that gauge. There was plenty of other Gauge 1 to be seen, including a delightful layout inspired by the Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway. This year saw another burgeoning interest - submarine models.

Finally it wouldn’t be Brighton without a display of model fairgrounds and rides. It is worth the entry just for an annual fix of Victorian and 1950s model fairs. With those and carefully selected attractions plus something for the whole family, this is a show for everyone. Kids have their own workshop while experienced model engineers can catch up with some serious shopping with Geoff Stait of GS Supplies and others, and admire some fine model engineering displayed by local clubs. This is one of the few shows in the UK which can really be called a family show like the great shows in Germany.

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