The Bristol Model Engineering & Hobbies Exhibition this year reversed a trend elsewhere by getting bigger rather than smaller. Bristol SMEE added an extra hall to this year’s event giving 50% more space than previously. And what a hugely successful move that was, with the extra space given over to working displays including working RC model trucks, railway and flying indoor aircraft. Hugely popular with the kids.

As ever lots of interesting new things to see, like Ian Glasspool’s Wilkinson motorcycle masterpiece, plus progress on some amazing longer term projects such as Brian Perkins’ Mercedes racing car. Top model was the ploughing set by Harry Williams. How good to see it  stretched out in working mode rather than a trio of parts on a table. Always a pleasure to see Anthony Mount with a selection of his excellent steam engines (next will be a Corliss) with next to him Maurice Turnbull with his historic machinery including a new one, a wood saw from the 1860s. A fine looking machine. Next to Maurice was Derek Goddard with his hydraulic based models of Armstrong equipment.  Derek is a former hydraulics engineer and the world’s No 1 Armstrong fan.

It is great to actually see all these people, and others, with their models and find out about them. We can only show a small selection of what it displayed, so apologies to all those left out. This is a memento of the event, and we hope that it will encourage even more people to visit next year.

As ever, click on a photo to enlarge, and click on ‘download’ for larger still. For a quick tour Play Slideshow. Enjoy!