Colin Hawkins’



When Colin Hawkins disposed of his full-size traction engine he decided to build a scale one. Despite having no engineering background or training, a workshop was built and filled with a lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, bandsaw and various smaller items.

Initially scale drawings were purchased, but abandoned in favour of personal research and surveying the prototype, a 6nhp Burrell single crank compound road locomotive. The steel boiler was supplied by a professional boiler maker. Castings were obtained and many parts fabricated. It was hand painted with six coats of coach enamel and two coats of varnish were applied after lining. With many breaks the project was spread over 14  years. The model was photographed at Bristol 2013.

Charles Burrell and Sons was a most successful builder of traction engines, steam rollers, showmen’s engines and road locomotives. No less than 329 Burrells have been preserved.