By Paul the CAD

My website is about to go through another development. I’m taking off a couple of products which have not turned out to have been popular and putting on a couple of new products which I think will be very useful for all CAD users.

There is already the option of buying the PC software on a USB stick which also includes 12 training films with the Deluxe version and 15 with the Pro Platinum version.

Also, not yet on the site will be 37 new training films that I have made using v2015. These will cost £37, a pound for each film. Details of it’s contents are below. If you’d like to purchase these before they appear on the site, just give me a call.

TurboCAD Training Films

The first 12 training films were made using Deluxe 2015. These start by suggesting a way of setting up the screen and then go on to show how to use the 2D tools. These films are just as useful for Professional Platinum users working in 2D, or starting in 2D before extruding into 3D.

The next 15 films were created with TurboCAD 2015 Professional Platinum. Many of these films will be of equal use to Deluxe users working in 3D, but as there are far more 3D tools in the Professional Platinum version, some of these films will illustrate tools not found in the Deluxe version.

There then follows 4 films on general points, (Drawing Compare is not in Deluxe), and 4 brief exercises to follow.

The Films:

Created in Deluxe 2015:

01 Set Up

02 Snaps

03 Further Snaps

04 The Line Tools

05 The Circle Tools

06 Manipulation the Origin / Reference Point

07 The Curve Tools

08 The Double Line Tool

09 The Copy Tools

10 Symbols & Blocks

11 Layers

12 Printing & Saving

Created in Professional Platinum 2015:

13 The Set Up

14 Snaps

15 The Basics

16 Ways of Copying

17 The Workplane

18 Extrude from 2D

19 The Generic Shapes

20 Revolve & Loft

21 Sweep

22 Add & Subtract Solids

23 Blocks

24 The Copy Tools

25 Layers

26 Setting Dimension Style

27 Saving

28 General Information


29 Drawing Compare

30 External Reference

31 Hatch & Format Painter

32 Push & Region Edit

33 Setting Up Dimension Style +


34 CAM Exercise

35 Architectural Exercise

36 Constructing a Cabinet

37 Drawing a Padlock