Part 15 by Jason Ballamy


Rather than risk damaging finished paintwork in most cases I like to test run an engine before the finish coats are applied, which I duly did before stripping it all down. The primer that I had applied during building was wiped down with thinners to remove dirty finger prints, any imperfections attended to, then all the parts were given a final coat of primer.

The smaller items that only needed one face painting were tacked to odd bits of board with double sided, others small bits had a wire placed through a spare hole so they could be hung and any masking done. I then airbrushed 4-5 coats of Precision Paints LSWR Loco Green which is about as close as you will get me to modeling trains.  This is one of their ‘dull’ finishes which I prefer to a high gloss.
Everything was then taken inside in the warm to allow the paint to harden for a week.