Ron Edmunds’


This model is of the Charlotte Dundas, under construction by Ron Edmunds and displayed at Guildford in 2014. Tasks remaining are providing a cover for the paddle wheel, adding rubbing strakes, and painting. The quality of the work can clearly be seen in this unfinished state.

The Charlotte Dundas was the first ever single-wheel paddle steamer and the first practical steam boat. She was designed by William Symington in 1802 and built by John Allan of Grangemouth. On March 28 the vessel successfully towed two heavily laden barges on the Forth and Clyde Canal, covering 19 miles in six hours. Despite this success the canal owners raised considerable objections concerning damage to the canal banks. The project was also blighted by financial problems resulting from the loss of the sponsor. Eventually, the Charlotte Dundas was abandoned and allowed to rot away on the canal side.