John Chenery has made available drawings of his father’s engines and General Arrangement drawings are shown here. Full sets of drawings are available for these engines. Prices and ordering details are available from here. Part two here.

First is the 6.75cc side valve engine. Weight  = 12 ozs,  Bore =  0.775,   Stroke = 0.875.

Approximate dimensions: 9cm high, 10cm long (to back of carb) shown with a 28cm propellor

Working drawings consist of:  4 x A1 size sheets.

This model was described in Engineering in Miniature in 1988.

Second is the delightful V-twin of 15cc. Weight  =  30 ozs,  Bore =  0.812,  Stroke = 0.875

Approximate dimensions:   16cm wide, 12cm high, 12cm long.

Drawings consist of:  5 x A1 size sheets.

Described in Engineering in Miniature in 1983/4

Third engine this time is a larger project,  the Aeronca E113 twin opposed aircraft engine in 1:4 scale. The model is approx 9.5” wide and there are nine A1 size drawings in the complete set. This engine was serialised in Model Engineer magazine in 2003.

Back issues of Engineering in Miniature and Model Engineer are usually available from TEE Publishing.

Next time we have GA drawings for the Anzani Y-type, Gnome and the iconic Gipsy 1 aero engine of 1928.