Cherry Hill is to be awarded the Metalworking Craftsman of the Year Award for 2017 at the end of April. The award is organized by the Craftsmanship Museum and will be celebrated at the North American Model Engineering Society Expo in Southgate, MI. The award includes a gold medallion, certificate, commemorative book and $2,000 which Cherry has asked to be returned and used to encourage others.

Sponsor of the award is the Joe Martin Foundation, a non-profit organization set up to recognize fine work in miniature and model engineering by the world’s best model engineers. The search started with those they were familiar with in the United States. Having attended model engineering shows in the USA for many years representing his line of Sherline machine tools, Joe was acquainted with many world class model makers and model engineers and their work.

The Foundation explains: “He also recognized that some of the world’s finest model engineering projects are built in England. In asking around among those who had travelled or shown their work internationally who they had seen that impressed them as ‘the best of the best’ one name kept coming up: Cherry Hill.

“Mention of the name was usually accompanied by a shake of the head and followed by  ‘And she’s a woman!’

“Certainly the world of metal working and machinery as well as the hobby of model engineering has traditionally been a male-dominated field, so it came as a bit of a shock to many that the very best in their field might be a woman. None were seemed dismayed by this, but rather intrigued and amazed.”

A tribute to Cherry’s award can be found at

A number of Cherry’s models have appeared on MEWS, and the editor wrote the book Cherry’s Model Engines, now into its fourth reprint with The Crowood Press which has taken over all the former Robert Hale titles.


Cherry’s latest completed project: Blackburn agricultural engine of 1863.

The family-inspired Gilletts and Allatt traction engine.

Described in the book as ‘The Great Project’ is the Barclay Boring and Winding Engine.

Currently under construction is the Nathaniel Grew Ice Locomotive.

Cherry at home in the workshop.

Now in fourth reprint.