When researching for the book Cherry’s Model Engines we came cross some extraordinary references to her work. These even included one forum poster who insisted that she got someone to do all the machining for her! Those who have read the book and relied on genuine information rather than some internet troll’s fiction will know that, in fact, she makes every last nut, bolt, rivet and chain link.

Another we remember was the assertion that none of her models work. The book also set that piece of nonsense to rest. It also reveals that some of the subjects for her models could not have worked as originally designed, and she set about re-designing parts to ensure that they would work. No doubt some of the strange ones out there will need more proof of all this, and here is the answer. Cherry not only tested every model to ensure that it worked, she also videoed them. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers which holds many of her models has now published the video of some of them under construction and running around the workshop floor, before receiving their final paint job which, typically, took six months.