IN 7.25” GAUGE
Built by Ron Elmore

This 4-4-0 tender locomotive was built by Ron Elmore in the 1990s and is probably the only 7.25” gauge model of this class of locomotive. It is one of the Great Eastern Railway’s S46 class as rebuilt with a Belpaire boiler. The model is now owned by Christopher Cave and was exhibited at Sandown Park in 2013.

Originally designed for the GER by James Holden (or most likely largely designed by his chief designer F V Russell) they were given the nickname ‘Claud Hamilton’ after the first engine of the class which was named after Lord Claud Hamilton (1843-1925), chairman of the GER.

The first Claud was built in 1900 and was exhibited at the 1900 Paris Exhibition where it won a gold medal. It was followed by another 40 built between 1900 and 1903 in four batches of ten.

Rebuilds of the original  Clauds with Belpaire fireboxes, started in 1915. Many of these rebuilds were also fitted with Robinson superheaters.

Hill designed a third variation in 1922 with a larger 5’ 1.125” diameter boiler, a superheater, and a Belpaire firebox. A rebuild to this new design, appeared just after grouping in March 1923. This was followed by ten new locomotives in 1923. Although built by the LNER, these new locomotives had the GER classification of H88. Nicknamed the 'Super Clauds', the LNER gave them the classification of D16.

Martin Evans produced a design for the Super Claud locomotive in 5” gauge.

No Claud survived into preservation although there are hopes to build a new one.