D Lanton-Faulner’s


Today the name De Winton is normally associated with the iconic ‘coffee pot’ vertical boilered narrow gauge locomotives, built for the slate quarries in North Wales. However, the firm in Caernarfon was much more than that. They were major innovators with diverse products, starting with a foundry in the 1840s producing castings for the Houses of Parliament, among others. Equipment for agriculture, gasworks, stationary engines, church fittings and slate machinery were all produced. Ships were also important, including steam yachts. See more at de-winton.com.

The vertical boilered locomotives (and three with horizontal boilers) were built between the early 1870s and late 1890s. Six survive, with Chaloner still operational on the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway.

With their vertical boilers and simple accessible layout these are popular among modellers. This nice example, Sallie Bach, is by D Lanton-Faulner in 5” gauge. It was photographed at Harrogate in its near finished condition in 2013. We hope to see it completed in 2014.