Brian Newbound’s

Tangyes of Birmingham was started in 1856 by two Cornish brothers, Richard and George Tangye, initially producing hydraulic jacks, which they continued to do, today as Allspeeds Tangye. They came to prominence in 1858 when their lifting jacks were used to launch Brunel’s steamship the SS Great Eastern. Richard Tangye said: “We launched the Great Eastern and she launched us.”

The company prospered and produced a wide range of engineering products, including steam engines. The double Tangye engine has been popular with model engineers since it was described by Edgar T Westbury in the 1950s.

In its day this engine was one one of the most advanced available to drive factory and mill machinery. It was not a large engine, making it very suitable for scaling down for modelling. The Double Tangye was so called because it comprises two complete engines, arranged as mirror copies of each other, and not to be confused with a ‘twin’ engine. Each engine had its own valve gear, governor and throttle valve. The two halves could be separated and made into single engines.

This model is by Brian Newbound  and was shown at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition in 2013.