By A Mountfield

This fine model was built in 1:6 scale and attracted much attention at a National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition in its Harrogate days.

It was commenced in 1988 as ‘respite’ from a very demanding job. “No practical experience ‘on the tools’ at that time. Initial work was on a very good but older Myford ML 7. After three house moves which meant that the job was put on hold for long periods the final touches were put to it in 2010.“

The wheel rims were machined on a large lathe at evening class in Ipswich from thick wall hydraulic pipe (supplied by Blackgates).

“After buying the first motion gears rough cut from Blackgates, I decided that I should have a go myself. Second motion, transfer, differential gears and final drive along with the boiler feed pump gears and the governor were all machined on my Sharp milling machine, with the help of the excellent book by Ivan Law.

“To help in the construction, many jigs and machining fixtures were needed, and I also made a set of plate rolls to the design by Geo. Thomas.

“One globe valve was purchased so that I could see sizes and construction, then all other valves, manual boiler feed (concealed under the false coal, which can be lifted off) and boiler fittings were made in house.

“Steering chain was long case clock chain. Each link was silver soldered to achieve the necessary strength.

“Most painting was done using an Aztec airbrush.”

The name Copper Dick is an homage to the builder’s great grandfather, Richard Mountfield, a copper smith at the engine sheds at Newton Heath, Manchester, at the end of the 19th century who was always known as ‘Copper Dick’.



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