Part one by Julius de Waal

Leeuwenhoek was one of a series of 27 2-4-0 locomotives of the 1100 class of the Dutch Railways and its predecessor, Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg-Maatschappij (HSM).

HSM needed improved locomotives for its heavier express services and came up with a new design, to be built by Borsig in Berlin. The first batch was delivered in 1883 and a second in 1884. The locomotive 154 Boerhave (later 1116) was given a different look by the factory with a larger hood and large side windows. That locomotive was used for royal trains.

In 1888 there was a repeat order (including Leeuwenhoek) with several modifications to the original design. The hood was largely based on that of the Boerhave, but in steel rather than wood.

None have survived into preservation and all were scrapped between 1924 and 1932.

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