Part one - introduction - by Ramon Wilson

The 5cc versions of the Mk 1 and 2 Eta 15D model aircraft engines as described in Model Engineer from January to July 2014 were a follow on to the scaled up 5cc versions of other model aircraft engines previously made – the ED Racer and the lovely little Super Tigre 1cc.

The Eta 15D diesels had always had an attraction from their first introduction to the aeromodelling scene but had at the time proved far too expensive to a young teenager with limited means.  The idea to do one as a 5cc version had been there but with reservations on the ability to machine the crankcase.

With the Super Tigre crankcase successfully carved from solid however sufficient confidence was gained to tackle the more complex Eta case. These also proved successful and lead to the idea to create 5cc copies of the rest of the series – the Mk 3 (above) and the Elites Mks 1 and 2 (below). Unfortunately, though similar to the early Mks the common crankcase for these three later engines now featured two cast in lugs extending fore and aft for the fixing of a silencer beneath a cast in cover plate. The method to machine these (from solid, and on a conventional small milling machine) did not at first seem possible but a thought during a quiet moment on holiday reasoned that if the cover plate was machined separately then it may be possible and so it proved to be. This is then is the description of the build of the final three engines which featured on the Model Engine Maker forum.

Elite Mk 2

This is the series Mk1 to the left - Mk2 to the right at the rear.

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