One of the great things about exhibitions is the contacts made and the surprises that turn up. A grandson of Edgar T Westbury came to Sandown Park to display a number of engines from the great man’s workshop. Unlike most of our pristine Models of the Week these are rather tired and clearly have been stored away for some time. But they are truly historic. They have now been bought by I/C engine builder, collector and restorer, Eric Offen.

They are:

  1. 1.Whippet 10cc from the 1960s

  1. 2.Mk 1 Kiwi fitted with a sump and oil pump  from the 1930s

  1. 3.Kinglet 5cc side valve - ETW’s favourite engine

  1. 4.Atom Minor Mk 1 6cc

Spartan single acting steam engine.