Part 5 by Jason Ballamy

The two axles are quite straightforward being 14" lengths of 1/2" square bar that are turned down to 3/8" dia at each end. From the photo of the original (see part 4) you can see that behind the wheel there is a rounded flange and then a short section of a slightly larger square. I decided to make these as separate parts and JBWeld them into place as they are not stressed parts. While I was at it I turned four hubcaps as well.

The rear axle is clamped between two blocks to the rail on each side. The bottom blocks were milled from 1/4" thick stock and the top ones from 3/8" . The mill vice stop comes into it's own on jobs like this where there are several similar parts as you only need to setup for one to first drill them.

Followed by milling to shape, a home ground cutter was used to give a fillet to all the internal corners to give the blocks a cast look.

After knocking off the corners it was time for a test fit with some temporary nuts and screws, the groove at the top will be what the side rails locate into.

Talking of side rails I had made enquiries about getting some 1" x 1/2" C-channel but it is obsolete in the UK and the cost of getting lengths from the US was too high so I decided to make my own. Starting with some 13x13x3mm angle the edges were prepped and then welded together. To avoid distortion I tacked three one inch lengths on one side with the angles clamped to a sturdy bit of structural steel.

Then flipped it over and did matching tacks on the other side.

This was repeated several times until I had a bead of weld running the whole 25" length on both sides. Following which the welds were cut back with a grinding disc and then a flap disc in the 4.5" angle grinder

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