By Robert Allen and Alec Price

Given their interest and rarity it is no great surprise that original Eureka clocks fetch high prices. The Eureka clock was designed by T Powers an American engineer and patented by the Kutnow brothers in 1906. It is believed that only about 10,000 clocks were made. They were powered by 1.5V battery and controlled by a vertical balance wheel and incorporated an unusual two-ball bearing.

Here are two from the MEWS photo archive that were made in home workshops. The first, above, is by Alec Price and below by Robert Allen. Much has been written on the Eureka clock, notably a book by Dr Alan Shenton in 1979 which contains technical details, patent specifications, and the history of the Eureka Clock, plus details of the various models that were for sale.

Charles Aked and ‘Articifer’ described the Eureka in some detail in The Clockmaker and Alec Price (who also owned an original Eureka) contributed a complete series on making one of these clocks in Engineering in Miniature in 1996/7.

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