From John Moorhouse

We don’t know if any Russian oligarchs made it to the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition in 2013. No doubt if they were there, they laid in wait for John Moorhouse with satchels full of cash to try to buy his Fabergé type egg.

It is a remarkable thing.

It comprises two main elements, the shell and the mechanism. The shell is made in silver with enamelling. The mechanism is clockwork and complex. Extensive notes were provided at the exhibition - but were no doubt beyond most of us.

It may not be model engineering as most of us know it today, and it is one of those items where engineering and art are indistinguishable. And may have a place in the workshop.

Like the models of Cherry Hill, Ron Jarvis, and others, it highlights that there were some very clever and ingenious people around in the 18th and 19th Centuries who could provide inspiration for some new and different workshop  projects.