Alan Brown’s


One of the great things about exhibitions is that you get to see models under construction, and unpainted. Unpainted models are, perhaps, the greatest test of a model engineer’s prowess. No hiding! In the earlier part of the 20th Century it was quite common for model engineers to leave their models unpainted either because they liked them that way or the materials and equipment that are available today which allow most to get a decent finish just were not around. Either way, we have all enjoyed plenty of unpainted models over the years. If you go back to the earliest days of model engineering, most models were unpainted as can be found in the SMEE collection and elsewhere.

Looking at Alan Brown’s steam roller at Harrogate, it is  imagined that it is to be left unpainted. We certainly hope so. It is a complete joy to see in its brass and steel.

It is a freelance model to 1:10 scale. Like unpainted models, the approach to freelance models has changed over the years. Earlier flights of fancy made way for freelance designs produced with simplicity in mind. Alan’s model falls into the original category of high invention that no doubt pleases him and the visitors drawn to it at Harrogate in 2014.

If they gave out awards that just give pleasure to the viewer, this one would rate as a true champion.