Photos by Roger Froud

The Ground Level 5 Inch Gauge Main Line Association, GL5 for short, regularly puts on an impressive show at Doncaster every May. This year, 2018, was no exception, with its massed wagons.

GL5 is a growing organisation and an active one. It offers members driver training and a whole range of other help including:

• Scale standards for Wagons, Coaches, Locomotives and Track work.

• Support and advice on all aspects of prototype railway operation in 5″ gauge.

• Rolling stock projects for members from kits (currently 6 wheel tank wagons).

• Invitations to visit clubs and private 5″ ground level railways.

• Technical assistance in design and construction of ground level layouts.

• Promotion of trade or private supplies of castings and materials to scale standards.

• Regional meetings of members for talks and discussions on selected topics, arranged by area co-ordinators.

• Invitations to GL5 rallies. -

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