Mike Stimson’s


This model of a Gardner model O hot-bulb gas engine was built by Mike Stimson and shown at the Bristol Exhibition in 2013. The Gardner O was one of the fascinating model engines, design and castings of which were available from the Alyn Foundry. That business closed down, but the designs and patterns have been taken over by the Anson Engine Museum. Other Alyn designs included the Robinson hot air and ‘Chippy’ engines and the popular RLE.

The Anson Engine Museum in Poynton, Cheshire, houses a collection of stationary engines started by Les Cawley and Geoff Challinor who collected engines as a hobby. When the number and size of engines they collected increased, they decided to start a museum. A charitable trust was formed and work began on the first building in 1986. The museum first opened to the public in 1989. For many years it opened only on odd days and times to suit their hobby and the small number of visitors that dropped in to see the collection. In July 2002 Les Cawley died and Geoff Challinor dedicated himself to making the museum into an attraction that would bring visitors from around the world. The museum site now includes a working blacksmith's smithy and carpentry shop and a café.

Among the many exhibits are Crossley, Mirrlees and Gardner engines including the first diesel engine in the UK, and many other fascinating and unique historic engines.