By Ian Glasspool

Charles Garrard began importing the French Clément clip-on engine in 1902, designed to fit a standard bicycle. The 143cc Clément engine attached to the front down-tube and drove the rear wheel directly by belt. Frames were made by Norton, who used a Clément engine for the first of his own motorcycles. Garrard's Birmingham-built machines were marketed under the 'Clément-Garrard' name, and in 1903 a V-twin model was added to the range. Early in 1904 the company announced a tandem-style forecar, which was powered by a water-cooled 4hp v-twin and featured two front wheels, a three-speed gearbox, and shaft final drive. With the introduction of the forecar, the Clement name was dropped and the company closed soon afterwards.

Rare full-size versions of this three-wheeled veteran are eligible for both the London-Brighton Veteran Car Run and the Sunbeam MCC's Pioneer Run for motorcycles.

Ian Glasspool’s evocative model is to 1:3.5 scale and was shown at a Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition.



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