Tom Pasco



This model of the  iconic De Havilland Gypsy I aero engine was made by Tom Pasco to the Les Chenery design, pictured here on display at the 2017 Bristol Exhibition. Tom machined everything from solid - no castings were used. The model is to 1:4 scale and is fitted with a 22” x 8” propeller.

The de Havilland Gipsy is an air-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine designed by Frank Halford in 1927 initially as an upright 5-litre   engine, although later versions were designed to run inverted, with increased capacity and power.

The Gipsy was one of the most popular sport aircraft engines of the inter-war years and the engine of choice for various other light aircraft, trainers, liaison aircraft and air taxis. It continued well after the end of  World War II and established the company as an engine as well as aircraft manufacturer.

Gipsy engines are still in service in vintage light aircraft. -

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