Part 3 by Guenter Kallies

The main part of a steam engine is the Cylinder (2.1) which is made from a piece of brass or gunmetal. It has to be first drilled and reamed to Ø15mm. Then clamp to a piece of round brass or even aluminium. In this setting  the outside can be finished. Finally, the steam chest connecting face can be machined and the steam channels drilled.

The Ground plate (2.2) is made similarly to the crown plate (1.3). Please remember that the attachment holes should be drilled together with the main ground plate  (1.1).
The Cylinder cover (2.3) is made from round brass material the same as used for the cylinder itself. The Studded gland (2.4)is easily made also from brass material. The Piston (2.5) should be turned 0.5 to 1 mm oversize. After it is assembled with the piston rod, it should be clamped in a collet and finished to the final dimension. The Piston rod (2.6), made from stainless steel, gets an M4 thread at each end. The Cross head (2.7), turned from round stock brass, gets two plane faces which can either be machined or filed.
The steam chest is assembled from three components: the Valve face (2.8), which includes the steam ports, the Chest (2.11) and the Cover (2.12). The method of port cutting using an end mill leaves ports with rounded ends, but this is no disadvantage. Please remember that the location of attachment holes on all components must match with the relevant holes on the Cylinder (2.1). All the other small items in this group are made without complication. The  Valve spindle (2.14) should be made like the piston rod from stainless steel.


Group 1 the framework

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Gorgon engine built by Barry Gasson

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