Part 6 by Guenter Kallies

Group No.5: The condenser and Pump

Parts list

In front of each cylinder a condenser and pump unit is installed. The pump is operated by the main lever of the Evans linkage system. The condenser on the model version is just a hollow box without any internal equipment whilst the original one was a water-cooled tube system inside a housing. The steam coming from the cylinder outlet enters the box and condenses to water on the cold skin. This produces a lower pressure inside the box which will help to evacuate the steam from the cylinder and increase the power of the engine. With the pump, the condensed water will be removed and a constant vacuum can be maintained inside the condenser.
The Condenser-box (5.1) is made from various parts silver soldered together. The main component is made from a hollow brass square tube to which all the other items are silver soldered. The Ground- and Top-plates (5.2)(5.3)(5.12) are very similar to the ground-plates (2.2) and should be machined the same way. The Pump-housing (5.4) is made from round brass. Please note that one housing has to be made as mirror-image of the drawing in order to have the inlet-valve on the right position. All the other components in this group are again simple and do not need to be described in detail.

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