Part one by Jason Ballamy

This engine is based on the 1/12th scale model by Anthony Mount that was serialised in Engineering in Miniature in 1992/93 and also reproduced in his second book. Plans for Anthony’s design are available from Bruce Engineering, as are castings. My engine is double the size to 1/6th scale and, having obtained some photos of the original engine, is true to scale. The engine is:

Length 15 ½”

Width 10 ¼”

Height 14”

Flywheel dia 10 ¾”

Bore and stroke 1 7/8x 2”

The prototype was quite a small beam engine. Most people think of the large waterworks pumping engines when a beam engine is mentioned but this one was smaller and would likely have been used in a mill or factory to drive overhead line shafting. That’s why it can be built at a relatively large 1/6th scale and still fit the flywheel on my lathe (just). (Ed: Anthony’s model model was based on an example supplied to Winchester gasworks in 1892. It was used to drive the gas exhausters that pulled the gas from the retorts and pumped it into the gas holders.)

Details of the build of this engine will follow. The idea is not to describe a bit by bit build but just show some of the more interesting parts which are mostly the fabrication of items that are supplied as castings in the Bruce Engineering model, and anything else that I think readers might be interested in.

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