Windermere steam launch

Anzani 6 cylinder

Rail breakdown crane

Pump house

Savage traction engine

15” Howitzer

Chaff cutter

3.5” Stirling

90cc aero engine

Corliss mill engine

Stuart Major


Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T

Shooting Star loco

Skeleton Lyre clock

Harrison RAS clock

Musical clock

Monitor steam engines

NBR Glen loco

Fieldhouse steam winding engine

Stuart Double Victoria

Topaz launch

Cherry Hill’s D10

Kalka Shimla Rly KC tank loco

A4 in 7.25

Verto portable steam plant

Hereward the Wake 5” gauge

Denbigh Manor loco

GWR 57xx pannier tank

McOnie’s Angular Oscillating engine

Mercedes W165 engine

GW County loco

NYCR Mikado loco

Leek and Manifold 2-6-4

Freelance metal turning lathe

Burrell TE

Bentley Blower


USS Monitor engine

Triple marine

Fowler BB1

Swath turner

Pinace 1:12

King Richard 1

GWR Collet goods

British Bulldogs

D9 Caterpillar



Experimental petrol engine

Coal van

1900 fire engine

Hunslet Louisa

Heslop winding engine

Mastrini locos

GWR railcar

Penny farthing

Cambridge Pumping Station

City of Truro

Doris Black 5

SMEE models

Stirling Single

Mason bench lathe

Bates & Edmonds plant

LBSCR B4 loco

GWR Manor

Cherry’s Model Engines

Stuart Swan

Stirling fan

S&DJR brake van

Frisco gas engine

Spoke machine

Lion 5”

Sunderland gear cutter

Ariel Red Hunter

Cornish Waterworks

Fire engine 1:12

HMS Victory

12T rail crane

Triple expansion

Ford V-8

Upside down gas engine

5” Logging loco


1903 steam engine

Ford 300

Stationary steam engine

Atkinson Uniflow

Blown Bentley

Black 5 4-6-0

V-4 petrol engine

Monitor engine

McOnie’s engine

Ransomes plough

Q1 loco

Double Tangye engine

Midland Compound

Hunslet Gwenda

Voice controlled launch

Hunslet Cloister

Morgan 3-wheeler


Lady Stephanie

1:5 Gnome engine

Ascot Pullin motorcycle

Shand Mason fire engine

Fowler ploughing engines

GCR Atlantic

Bernay’s steam engine

Collyer/Caseley grinder

King Arthur 10.25

Cherry Hill Ice loco

Arnold mill engine

Foxcote Manor

Kittoe & Brotherhood beam engine

Travelling mandrel dividing head


Allchin TE

Flapper tar sprayer


Double diagonal engine

Shay 7.25 loco

GWR Gooch Single

Sanderson stractor

BR Moguls

Harrison clock

R-R Phantom II

K N Harris engine

Triple expansion engine*****

Marine Plant

Nemett Ocelot

Firefly launch

Meccano old locos

De Lamater Rider

Easton & Anderson

Hielan Lassie

Bowden Atom ff

Goodfellow engine

Gloria Mill Engine

Princess Royal

Metre Maid

Fowler showman’s

Tandem Scotch yoke engine

Shand Mason fire engine

HMS Warspite

Fordson Model F

GWR 3521 4-4-0 loco

Garratt Mount Kilimanjaro

LMS Patriot

Horse drawn sail reaper

Tool & Cutter Grinder

Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IV

Table top wool waggon

15” Baldwin 0-4-0

LMS Coronation loco

Otto & Langen engine

Pedestal clock

Metropolitan Growler loco

Kerr Stuart Hampton NG loco

Sissons Portable Engine

Dean Single

Titan electric loco

Merlin band clock

Bass brewery loco

Triple expansion engine

Mallet 0-4-4-0 articulated loco

Dean Armstrong 4-4-0

Hunslet in 5” gauge

BR 9F loco

Ivatt class 2T

Louise loco

Gorgon ship’s engine

Textile mill engine

Another 9F

Sentinel waggon

Coronation loco

Diagonal twin steam engine

S&D Derwent loco 1845

Britannia loco

Southern mogul loco

Burrell Showman’s engine

Tower mill ---

Hildebrand & Wolfmueller motorcycle

Great Northern Atlantic loco

Scammel Scarab

LD&ECR Class C

Stanier City of Coventry

McLaren traction engine

Maxi Lucky 7 loco

Hot air spider

LCDR Europa

Steam launch Aaron

Supercharged Radial two stroke

Metre Maid

Ernie’s gallopers

Britannia Flying Dutchman

Atkinson steam waggon

Castle Class loco

Union Pacific loco

Lady of Quality

LNER V3 loco

Harrison RAS clock

South African 15F loco

Minnie Traction Engine

P 51D Mustang

LNWR Claughton

Faberge type egg

Evening Star loco

Burrell Gold Medal tractor

Wagons by Guy Harding

Two-cylinder diesel



Marine triple engine

Patriot loco

The Royal Carriages

Darjeeling and Himalayan Locomotive

D&H loco - 2

La France fire engine

2in Fowler traction engine

Napier Dagger

Napier Dagger - 2

Gauge 1 A4 loco

Wilberforce side lever paddle engines

Shay loco in 7 1/4in gauge

Romulus in 7 1/4in gauge

Hypocycloidal  steam engine

Russell NG loco

3-litre Bentley engine

GWR No 1 experimental loco

Orton & Spooner helter skelter

Ornate Reeve regulator clock

Claughton 4-6-0

1831 the I/C powered loco

Mercedes W165 racing car

Benier hot air engine

Smith Rodley crane

Blackburn agricultural engine

King James II loco

Grosvenor loco

Gipsy 1 aero engine

Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp

Steam bicycle

Joseph Merlin’s Band Clock

Ruston Bucyrus walking dragline

Stuart No 9

Sunshine Harvester

Volks Railway

‘The shed’

Alfa Romeo 8C spider

GT3 gas turbine loco -


Atmospheric engines

18-cylinder Wasp

Moto Guzzi motorcycle

Florence steam launch

Railway gun

Railway gun 2

Dean Single loco

Economy hit and miss engine

‘Ambridge’ triple expansion steam engine

LMS 2F dock tank engine

2-stroke hit&miss engine

Climax geared locomotive

Stirling Single

Fowler showman’s engine

Kitson & Hewitson ploughing engine -

Hot bulb engines

World’s first I/C engine

Douglas motorcycle


Stirling Single No 1.

Derwent 9 jet engines

Manx Norton DOHC motorcycle engine

Hunslet Blanche

Anzio Annie

Derby 2P

LBSC’s Sybil

Six stroke engine

Blacksmith’s shop-

Blackburn agricultural engine 1863

Compound marine engine

Adams T3 locomotive

Congreve clock

Maltese Falcon aero engine

BR Mark 1 buffet/restaurant car

LMS Duchess

WWI mobile pigeon loft

Italy’s first locomotive

Harrison’s RAS Regulator

L&MVLR loco E R Calthrop

1932 Duesenberg

Ivatt Class 4

Benz Stirling Car

Lanz Bulldog

Harrison RAS Regulator

Immingham 4-6-0

Liberty II of Chatham

Iron Duke broad gauge loco

Darjeeling loco in 7 1/4

Coomber Rotary Engine

LBSCR Terrier

Bramwell V-6

Hornsby tractor

Class 14 locomotive

Singapore ball

Ivatt Class 4 mogul loco

Krokodil loco

LNER V3 Prairie tank

Allchin traction engine

Pasco twin

JAP and Ariel engines


MIss Ten to Eight

Ridders 4-stroke engine

Southern Railway Q Class

Sweet Pea

Gipsy Major

Argus V8


Teeny Tiny

Napier Dagger update

Pasco V-twin

Blackburn 1863


Sweet Peas

Field Kitchen

GW 47xx

Southern Pacific Padstow

Foden DG4 lorry

David Brown tractor

Bristol Mercury

A4 Capercaillie

Burrell showman’s engine


19th C Beam Engine

Sweet Pea build

Stuart 5A

Velocette racing engine

King Arthur class loco

De Winton ‘coffee pot’

Pasco supercharged 25cc

Maxim machine gun

Clayton Sentinel bus

Mountaineer loco

Wallis & Steevens Advance

Penn oscillating paddle engine

GWR Bulldog loco

Stuart Major beam engine

Clerk two-stroke engine

Scammell lorry

Koppel loco

Paddle steamer Samantha

Italian Pacific loco

SE Racing bike

LNER steam crane

Merryweather steam fire pump

Russian roulette

Gatlin gun

Salford trams

Clyde class L&SWR loco

Crampton loco Liverpool

RAF No 1 engine

Stirling radial engine

Windermere steam launch

LBSC’s Uranus

Double Tangye engine

Foxcote Manor

French steam bus

Gardner 0 gas engine

Black five

De Winton coffee pot loco

A4 Wild Swan loco

Double deck tram

Blower Bentley engine

3-cyl water cooled engine

Big Boy loco

Adams Radial loco


Freelance roller

1920s water pump

T&C grinder

LNER P2 loco

Vincent motorcycle engine

Grasshopper clock

Black 5

Charlotte Dundas

Scaup 10cc

Burrell 6nhp

Big Boy G1

Burrell Gold Medal TE

Beattie well tank loco

Pittler lathe

Shand Mason Fire engine


Evening Star 5”

Hydra Radial

Stirling Single  7.25”

Dholpur loco

Stuart 1 and 5A

Hawker’s wagon

River Queen

Duchess 5”

Austin seven engine

SE&CR D Class

Brough Superior

Armstrong hydraulic engine

Claud Hamilton

Mastiiff Plus

Pascoe 70cc

French coffee pot loco

Shay B class

16mm loco: Graf Schwerin-Lowitz

R&B engine

4.5” Burrell

LNER P1 loco

Chuck wagon

Two stroke hot bulb engine

Samson 0-4-2 loco