For the first time in a few years Wellington boots were not needed at the Guildford Rally. And for the weekend the heatwave subsided to the point where the hamburger stalls were as busy as the ice-cream vans. As usual with Guildford, lots of families were in attendance. Brilliant! Also, as usual, plenty of models to admire. We can’t wait to see finished the gallopers being constructed by Stuart Legg. The horses (more than 50 of them - finest you will see) were made by Ernie Summerhayes and Stuart is completing the ride after Ernie had to go into care. All of what was shown had been made this year, including the centre and organ engines. Plenty more to admire, including a superb Minnie traction engine, the first clockwork engine we have seen for many a year, a reprap 3D printer in action, Jason Ballamy’s Easton & Anderson grasshopper beam engine being described on this website, and much more.

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