With the next Harrogate exhibition approaching fast, we thought it a good time to look back at some of the tooling shown there, including some good original items.

P W Lewis’ fine tool and cutter grinder.
John Lummas’ wire, rod and tube bender from MEWS.
George Thomas’ brilliant dividing head built by J N Ashcroft.
Norton screwcutting gearbox for Warco lathe by P Speak.
Myford 7 taper turning attachment by S Tracey.
Clock mainspring winder by J Jennings.
Myford 7 ball/radius turning attachment by S Tracey.
P Bowler’s tool and cutter grinder.
Ifor Williams’ tool and cutter grinder.
Shaft drilling jig by D Micklethwait.
Autotrip screwcutting control system by P Speak.
Rolling roads in 5” and 7,25” gauges.
Spherical turning tool by P Martindale.
Assorted tooling by K Shutt.
Clockmaking tools by D Lawson.
CNC advice from the SMEE.
There’s plenty to buy, too.