By Find Hansen

When I originally built this engine 2011 it was meant to be a true diesel engine. Therefore, it was built stronger than the series of hot bulb engines I had built before (described in an article now on the MEWS DVD). The base was built stronger, especially at the point where the cylinder is connected, and the cylinder was bolted to the base with six bolts instead of four. The cylinder head was also bolted to the cylinder with six bolts instead of four. The crankshaft was made stronger with thicker journals, and a longer stroke of 44 mm. I thought that  a long stroke would be necessary, for a compression ratio of at least 20:1, because the combustion chamber between the intake and exhaust valves  could not physically be built smaller.

After many experiments with the engine to get it to run as a diesel, I had no success and it ended up as another hot bulb engine. However, once I had my vertical A-frame diesel running, I thought that I perhaps could get the horizontal engine to run, too. I experimented with different kinds of pre-combustion chambers, and got the engine to run quite well, but found, that any such engine needs a lot of pre-heating before starting from cold. So the engine was fitted with a direct injection system, like the one I used on my A-frame diesel.

I used the same well-proven fly ball governor controlled injection-pump system on this engine, as on my previous hot bulb engines and the first diesel engine. I made a system to be able to adjust the injection timing when the engine was running, which was a great help while experimenting with with the engine, especially when when the engine was started from cold.  


The handle pointing down in the middle at the bottom of the picture beside the brass handle, is the handle used to adjust the injection timing. The handle is connected to an eccentric in the injection pump handle. So when the adjusting handle is moved up and down, the pump handle situated between the pump cam and pump, will move in and out to change the time when the cam hits the pump handle and, thereby, the pump, for earlier or later injection. The system enables ignition timing to be changed about 15 crankshaft degrees.

       Engine built: 2011

       Engine No.: 1-011

       Bore-stroke: 20-44

       Compression ratio: 20-1

       Fuel: Kerosene-petroleum, mixed with 2% mineral two-stroke oil.

       Engine lubrication: Mineral engine oil with a grade of 15-40 to 20-50

       Engine cooling system: Water cooled, using water-pump.


The original working A-frame true diesel described on MEWS was further developed to include the ability to adjust the injection timing with the engine running, and to be able to start the engine from cold, by hand. The video below shows it in action. The new horizontal engine incorporated these developments.