Peter Fagg’s



Joseph Beattie was one of the innovators of locomotive design in the 19th Century. No two engines were exactly the same. Today he is probably best remembered for his 2-4-0 well tank engines, popular among modellers. The Clyde class were 2-4-0 express tender engines that worked on the London to Southampton line. They were handsome locomotives from the 1850s and 60s which had 7’ diameter driving wheels. Similar engines running on other lines had smaller wheels.

Finish was a bright red, which was the colour of the day, although that was changed to the better-known chocolate brown later.

Thirteen of the class were built at Nine Elms between 1859 and 1868 and 44 smaller wheeled variations were built in the same period. All together Joseph Beattie was responsible for 21 classes of locomotive during his tenure from 1850 to 1871.

Peter Fagg’s model in 5” gauge is to his usual exemplary standard in bright red livery and is seen here at the Sandown Park exhibition in 2013.