The great thing about 2.5” gauge locomotives is that they are small. Well, most of them. But Uranus by LBSC and chums is large for a model of a standard gauge locomotive. Actually, its more than 4.5’ long.

Uranus was based on an idea by J.A. Joslin for a British-style 4-8-4, with the build described by Curly in English Mechanics in 1932. Someone ‘leaked’ a ‘doctored’ copy of the model drawing in full-size railway circles and a number of loco men were hoaxed into believing the monster was a real project and official policy. It is sometimes described as a GWR stye engine tho it bears no resemblance to anything from Swindon. Perhaps the hoaxers suggested it was for the GW and it stuck.

Anyway, it makes a wonderful model that can keep up with many models on tracks twice as wide.

For anyone looking for an unusual project, the words (from English Mechanics), music (drawings by LBSC, J.A. Joslin and P.E. Hunt), and castings are available to members of the National 2.5” Gauge Association.

The model was displayed by the North London Society at the 2014 exhibition at Alexandra Palace.