The Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway is one of the lesser-known railways in  England. But it ran at the end of the garden of Ivan Law. It used four types of locomotive. One of these was the Class C 0-4-4, six of which were built in 1897/8. Eventually they became LNER Class G3 and were withdrawn in the early 1930s. Ivan found a single photograph of the Class C, and that was the basis for the model. Precious little further information was available from further research.

The model was built by Ivan with son MIchael in 7.25” gauge, and completed in 2013 in time for the Harrogate show.

The LD&ECR was meant to link Warrington on the Manchester Ship Canal to Sutton-on-Sea on the Lincolnshire coast to carry coal. It was the largest railway scheme ever approved by Parliament in a single session. In addition to 170 miles of line, including branches, there were to be dock facilities at each end. The line from Chesterfield to Lincoln was opened in 1897, but that and a branch to Sheffield were to be the only parts of the railway to be completed. The railway was bought by the Great Central Railway in 1907. The only part of the line which still exists runs eastward from a triangular junction north of Shirebrook West on the present-day Robin Hood Line. This extends to just beyond Tuxford across the East Coast Main LIne to serve a power station and various collieries, all of which are now closed.

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