Alan Gent


IN 7.25” GAUGE

Alan Gent showed this fine LNER B1 locomotive at the 2018 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition. It is made in 7.25” gauge.

The B1 was a 4-6-0 designed for mixed traffic work and LNER’s equivalent to the Halls on the GW and the LMS Black Five. Designer Edward Thompson had to make his loco as inexpensive as possible, initially due to wartime austerity and lack of money thereafter. First of the class was 8301 Springbok and the  first 40 of the class were also named after breeds of antelopes and became known as Bongos.

The LNER went on to build 274 and 136 by BR following nationalisation. Two have survived.

Several designs exist for model engineers. Doug Hewson has produced a design in 5” gauge and Michael Breeze and Martin Evans in both 5” and 7.25”.

Photos by Roger Froud.