Doug Hewson

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I have recently begun designing a complete new LNER B1 for 5” gauge.  Where I grew up (in Scunthorpe we saw little else on the passenger and parcels trains) and I always regarded it as quite a handsome modern loco but this elegance was lost with Springbok. It really grates when I see one  where someone has spent a lot of time building a super one, but all wrong.  There is just no need for it.  I have a long list of B1 builders on my computer and they all moan about it. 

I thought it was time to redress the balance so that people could build a decent one which is the correct width, has the correct size wheels, the correct height cab,  has the correct height platforms etc.   

However, the first thing I have done is to design a new LNER Group Standard tender to suit 400 of the B1s so that for those who are already well into building a Springbok they can at least build the correct tender to go with it.  The tender drawn with Springbok is a K3 tender and only suits the first ten locos.  I have not quite completed all of the detail drawings for the tender but I hope to do so within the next few weeks.  At the moment the General Arrangement is complete and so is the tender tanks drawing which I think may fit on a Springbok tender underframe with a little modification.  At present I am working on completing the correct underframe drawing.  We will be having all new patterns made for everything and all will have the usual Hewson detail.

I have also drawn out the correct front elevation for anyone who wishes to finish theirs off to the correct width and make the correct cab.   

Now having studied a few different LNER locos I decided the other urgent job was to draft out the design for new for the LNER 100A boiler as it fits the B17s and quite a lot of the 2-8-0s and 2-8-0 Robinson rebuilds (like the 04/8).  The new boiler has eight superheater flues and takes the same superheater as my BR 2-6-4 Tank and my other BR Standard Class 4s.  There is 54ft of superheater element. 

I am about to complete the new correct wheel patterns as they will be very early on the list of requirements.  In fact there will be four patterns for the driving wheels as the later B1s were fitted with different driving and coupled wheels from the earlier batches. 

The later ones were fitted to locos 61016 - 8/ 61031, 61251,/8/84, 61311/5/60/79 and also preserved 1306.  Apart from the different balance weights on the later wheels they also had additional plates riveted to them. 

Some early B1s were built with V2 wheels and 61348 also had the additional plates riveted to its V2 balance weights.  61017 gained extra balance weight plates when it had a wheel swap with 61258 so this probably applied to others too.  The B1s built with V2 wheels were 8301 - 10, 101 - 14/19 - 39.

The B1s were also fitted with five different front bogies so I have already drawn those out too.

As usual with my designs there will be no silly name but it will simply be known as an LNER B1!


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