Geoff Moores’



LNER Class P1 2-8-2 mineral engines were designed by Nigel Gresley and introduced in 1925 to haul daily coal trains of 100 wagons between Peterborough and London. They had 5’ 2” coupled wheels, three cylinders, Gresley conjugated valve gear and rear axle booster. Power came from an A1/A3 type boiler. Tender was 7 tons/4700 gallons. The locomotive weighed in at 100 tons and the tender 51tons 8cwt. and the length over the buffers was 69’10”. Two engines were built, nos 2393 and 2394.  Both were scrapped in 1945.

The model is based on 2393 as it would have appeared in the late 1920s. It earned builder and designer Geoff Moore a Gold Medal at Sandown Park 2014. Tender was photographed at the Guildford Exhibition earlier in the year.